Bored of squares, cubes, blocks and bubbles?

Voro is a non-orthogonal, unique and addictive puzzle game for iOS

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Compatible with:
  • iPhone 3GS,
  • iPhone 4,
  • iPhone 4S,
  • iPhone 5,
  • iPod touch (3rd generation),
  • iPod touch (4th generation) and
  • iPad.
Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

What People Say

US"Addictive as Tetris - When I closed the app out I realized I had been playing it for hours... It's a great game and now I have got my wife addicted to it..." (BrandonC662)

US"Superb fun - It's colorful, fluid, addicting and extremely fun. A great game that is truly unique." (Gr4yman)

France"Bon jeu!!! - Jeu très agréable. Intuitif... Et très fluide... À télécharger sans hésiter!" (Firebird 47200)

US"Just one more board! - Ugh....utterly addicting. Good for all ages! I see 7 year olds challenging their grandparents. And the 7 year olds win!" (Kagamaga)

France"Juste extraordinaire - C'est génial." (Drakert)

Israel"Awesome – It's been a while since I've seen a puzzler that was simple, interesting and original. Very cool game that is really easy to pick up and play!" (Pickyaxe)

US"Absolutely one of the best puzzles out there. I tried it out of curiosity, now I can't put it down. Keep up the great work and thank you for many hours of enjoyment!!!" (nmac8186)

France"Sympa et original - Mais déconseillé dans le métro car la moindre vibration vous fait rater votre coup de maître. Attention, jeu additif." (Lilasien)

US"Outstanding - This is the game that the iPad was made for. No other game makes such good use of the iPad's capabilities." (GraceOM)

Canada"Simple and challenging! - Cool game! Neat to pass the time." (Smishy)

US"Intelligent... - ...and visually stunning...gets difficult (a good thing). A+!!" (Fwymommy)

France"Reposant et addictif - Esthétique agréable et fluide." (cellam)

US"I like it - It is a fun game. It is different, and kind of maddening." (Techlordz)

Russia"Революционный паззл! – Отличная игра. (Revolutionary puzzle! - Great game.)" (Asoroka)

US"Terrific - Good to see something new. Interface is smooth. Captivating." (Sarah M Bruce)

Germany"Addictive – Real brainbending puzzle. It Starts so simple but with each Level it gets tougher." (Hoschyyyyy)

US"Great mindless fun! - This is a great game to play while you're waiting in line and listening to music." (Thomas Lichtenstein)

Italy"Capolavoro! – Masterpiece!" (Lasciate stare)

US"Fun and unique – Great puzzler, very original and addictive. Would recommend it to anyone who likes puzzles and wants something different." (blueraja1)

Belgium"I love this game - I can't stop playing! I love the design, graphics, everything! It's amazing!!!" (vdiddyismyname)

US"Addictive – I play it for hours." (Ynnejjenny)

Canada"Entertaining and novel – Did capture my full attention for two full rounds when I should be cooking..." (Red Prospector)

US"Great – Very relaxing and pleasurable to play. ... Great job, Dev! I love this game!!!! ((~.~))" (Seatac33)

Israel"Great game – Spent hours on it." (Tsanin)

UK"Addictive – Can't put it down." (Topazone)

US"Great Casual Passtimer - Looks trivially simple at first glance, but nicely engages the right brain as it progresses. The result is perfect for making the minutes fly by..." (Jophan)

US"Relaxing gameNice and fun. Very relaxing. Like it." (Hate to read PDF on pc)

Italy"Polished and fluid - Voro is a very good puzzle game, and i think it's a little gem in a jungle of many similar games." (Capronissimo71 @

(customer reviews are from the App Store, unless stated otherwise)


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Voro Newsletter


  • completely unique gameplay, a novel concept (patent pending)
  • abstract, geometric world without the unnecessary bells and whistles
  • smooth and intuitive user interface – drag the tiles with a single finger
  • simple gameplay, it takes only a few seconds to get it
  • great replay value – keeps you coming back for more
  • entertains both sides of your brain
  • completely random starting arrangement of tiles
  • several gorgeous color schemes
  • color blind mode

Voro takes only a few seconds to learn, but it has a great replay value. The tiles are positioned randomly, so each game is different.

Enjoy the freedom of free-flow geometry while effortlessly sliding the tiles across the board.

Voro brings countless hours of fresh and addictive fun for both sides of your brain.


If I clear a color, why does it sometimes reappear?

As explained in the tutorial within the app, even those colors which are completely cleared might keep appearing until you clear at least 1/3 of the tiles. The squares in the bar of existing moves turn to blue dots when the number of the tiles is below 2/3 of initial number.

So, if you start the game with 30 tiles, cleared colors will no longer reappear only when you have less than 20 tiles on board.

Why is this so? Considering the non-orthogonal geometry and the freedom of movement (in classic mode, you can drag a tile from one corner of the screen to another without limits), it turns out that without this rule the game would be too easy and thus uninteresting.